CANVAS Tabletop Decor features fabrics that combine rich, textured yarns with traditional and contemporary patterns. The CANVAS colour palette of hushed naturals and rich earth tones offers design options that suit any style of decor or personal preference.

CANVAS materials are water resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to clean, feature Microban™ antimicrobial protection, and are GreenGuard™ certified.

Also included in the CANVAS collection are Sun Glow’s Volterra™ napkin rings and Olive wood cutting boards.

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If you’re interested in ordering CANVAS Tabletop Decor for your storefront, download the CANVAS Order Form here.

Volterra Napkin Rings

Volterra™, solid alabaster napkin rings, named for the Tuscan community where the ancient practice of working alabaster began. In a renewal of ancient Etruscan tradition skilled craftsman breathe new life into this marvelous substance; enhancing its chaotic beauty. The finished product has a subtly enticing translucence and the strength of stone.

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Olive Wood Cutting Boards

Beautiful and durable olive wood is the ideal surface for food preparation due to the natural oil content which kills bacteria and maintains a more hygienic surface than other wood or plastic products. The wood is finished with wax and oil and will not taint any food it is in contact with. These hand-made pieces are each carved out of a single piece of wood that is as rare as it is unique. These boards are available in 4 different sizes: small and medium sizes with handles, as well as large and extra large sizes with palette holes.

Custom Prints & Fabrics

Contact us for details on custom prints, more materials, and commercial applications.