Residential Products


Roller Shades

The classic simplicity and functionality of roller shades has made them popular in many applications whether residential, commercial or institutional. With a wide range of fabric, control systems, valance options, hem options and custom accents, roller shades could be designed to suit most applications. See more here.


The Illusions™ system offers both soft, filtered light and total privacy. Control the tilt of the opaque vanes in gradual increments to achieve the precise light levels you desire. A unique bottom bar features a custom weighting system for zero light penetration across the bottom of the shade. See more here.


The Interlude™ system combines transparent fabric with opaque or room darkening vanes for total control over privacy and light filtering. These vanes cascade around the system allowing you to determine the perfect light and atmosphere for any room. See more here.

Panel Track

Panel track offers a contemporary design and is ideal for large windows, patio doors or room dividers. The panels could be made in varying widths and could open left, right or centre. See more here.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades give a luxurious and sophisticated feel to a room and are also available in a Duo Roman option that adds an independently operable black out shade when privacy or more shade is required. See more here.

Neo™ Chainless System

The Neo Shade™ System is a chainless, touch operated control system that features a slow-glide roll-up mechanism. Unlike the spring systems of yesteryear, the Neo Shade™ is easy to control, operates smoothly, and installs easily. It can be operated with a blind pull, or simply by using the hem bar. See more here.

Valances and Hems

We offer numerous valance and hem options. Valance options include various aluminum cassettes and fascia in a wide selection of finishes. Some valances allow for fabric inserts to match the fabric of the shade. Hem option include plain hem with wood or trim options; accurail, a contemporary aluminum bar available in various finishes; and accubar, an aluminum bar that can be wrapped in the same fabric as the shade. See more here.


Fabric selection is one of the most important aspects of a sun control products; It affects virtually every facet of the product. Sun Glow offers a wide variety of popular and proprietary fabrics that will suit any application. See more here.

The Accessories Collection

The Accessories Collection is comprised of co-ordinating trims and pulls. A shade pull in leather, suede, glass, reclaimed wood and more can be added to Sun Glow’s NEO™ chainless operating system. See more here.


Swarovski Elements is the premium brand for finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. The ‘made with Swarovski Elements’ label on the window treatments serves as a sign of authenticity and the highest standard of crystal design assuring consumers all around the world that the design pieces are made with genuine Swarovski elements. See more here.


The Expressions™ line is an extension of Sun Glow’s popular Graphic Shade division. It enables designers to create unique custom designs for clients that reflect their personality or lifestyle. Expressions™ is available in both custom wallpaper and the printing of decorative art on roller shade fabrics. While the Graphic Shade collection prints images, photographs and logos on commercial fabrics, Expressions™ involves creating a unique overall decor. See more here.

Canvas™ Table Decor

CANVAS Tabletop Decor features fabrics that combine rich, textured yarns with traditional and contemporary patterns. The CANVAS colour palette of hushed naturals and rich earth tones offers design options that suit any style of decor or personal preference. See more here.