Sun Glow Window Covering Products of Canada Ltd. Launches PURE SCREEN™, a window treatment fabric that cleans the air

Jun 3, 2011

May 4, 2009

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Toronto, Ont. – Sun Glow Window Covering Products of Canada Ltd. (Sun Glow), a leading wholesale distributor of quality window covering components, fabrics and manufacturer of quality custom products in Canada with distribution in the United States, announced release of Pure Screen™.

Pure Screen™ is a window treatment fabric that actually cleans the air. A special coating on the fabric enables it to accumulate harmful gases and bad odors on its surface and covert them in a catalytic process into harmless substances such as water (H20) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The fabric is available in three colours; white, cream, and grey in both translucent and opaque finishes. The fabric is Oeko Tex certified and hence it is in itself environmentally friendly.

Now more than ever, we are examining the effect that our environment can have on our health and safety. When we think of contaminants in the air we tend to think of the outdoor environment. Studies have shown that the levels of indoor pollutants can be 25% – 62% higher than the levels of outdoor toxins. These interior impurity levels can even get up to one hundred times higher than the outdoor levels.

People spend as much as 90% of their lives inside – sleeping, eating, working, relaxing, etc. The quality of our indoor air is not as high as the quality of outdoor air, which can lead to many health related risks and issues for everyone. As highly processed materials and products become increasingly prevalent in our homes and institutions, we are becoming further subject to harmful toxic emissions. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), CFC’s (Chloro-Fluoro Carbons), and PVC’s (Polyvinyl Chlorides) are constantly emanating from floor coverings, wall coverings, building materials, and other consumer goods. Other than the traditional air filtration systems that are costly and require maintenance, Pure Screen from Sun Glow not only cleans the air, it does not require changing filters and it does not need a power source.

We can see the results of the Pure Screen™ conversion process by systematically examining its ability to convert formaldehyde, one of the most common indoor air pollutants.

Formaldehyde can enter the home through any number of means: particleboard, fiberboard, certain molded plastics, latex paints, wallpapers, cardboard and paper products, dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners, shoe-care agents, carpet cleaners, glues, adhesives, lacquers and cosmetics, and many other sources. Long term exposure to it can lead to asthma, burning irritation of the eyes or nose, and in higher proportions it is a carcinogen.

In a 48 hour experiment, a square meter of Pure Screen™ will absorb and convert 49 milligrams of formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to the formaldehyde emissions of 25 kilograms or 55 pounds of plywood during the same timeframe. Pure Screen™ can also convert other toxic and odorous gases and emissions such as: nicotine, acetic aldehyd, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acetic acid, timethalamines, and methyl mercaptan. Pure Screen’s™ catalytic reactions are permanent since the effective substance is never used up. It is an excellent long term facilitator of indoor air quality.

Pure Screen™ provides a solution to the indoor pollution problem, can help you breathe easier and healthier while providing sun control in an attractive, contemporary fabric.

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