Sun Glow’s New Eco Fabrics; Protects You From More then Just the Sun

Jun 6, 2012

June, 2012


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Toronto, Ontario – Consistently on the front line of product development and innovation, Sun Glow has introduced its new Eco Fabric, which seamlessly blends the functionality of a conventional PVC screen with unsurpassed decorative appeal. Suitable for both the residential and commercial markets, Eco Fabrics are made of Trevira CS polyester fibers, which are anti-microbial, 100% PVC free, Okeo-Tex Standard 100 certified and is inherently fire resistant.

Research into the cause of fire shows that unsuitable textiles in the home or the workplace can contribute considerably towards a fire spreading. What differentiates Trevira CS from other flame-resistant textiles is that it is not treated with a surface flame-resistant chemical, but rather the flame-resistant properties are permanently bonded to the molecular chain of the fabric and cannot wear or wash off. Furthermore there is no danger of toxic fumes being released in the event of a fire, which is a serious issue for other fabrics.

Eco Fabrics are made from environmentally friendly materials that significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Being a sun screen, the Eco Fabrics also manage the sun’s heat, glare, and UV rays, all the while increasing energy efficiency, improving visual comfort and protecting your interior textiles. The Eco Series is currently available in 3 formats. The Eco Privacy is a 1% open privacy screen, which is acoustically engineered to reduce sound reverberation and provide noise control. The Eco Linen is 3% opacity while the Eco View is a 5% opacity, which delivers a clear outward view while still managing glare and UV transmittance. It is this broad spectrum of applications that will surely make the Eco Fabric line the new industry standard. The Eco Fabrics come in a variety of colours and can also be used for custom print and design specifications.

Founded in 1983, Sun Glow has been serving the window covering industry as a manufacturer of shading solution of superior workmanship as well as a distributor of quality components and materials from leading North American and European suppliers. Sun Glow focuses on delivering innovative, high quality and low environmental impact products to its customers. Although their specialty is roller shades, they also offer panel track, roman shades, fixed shades, wood horizontals, exterior sun screens, projection screens and skylight applications. All their products can be manually operated or automated with various control options that be integrated with the most sophisticated automation systems.