Sun Glow Takes Sun Management Seriously, In a BIG Way

Jun 4, 2012

June, 2012

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North Americans spend 80% of their days inside either at work or at school. This coupled with the recent trend in contemporary architecture, which utilizes glass in larger and more extensive applications makes protection from UV exposure very important. Although roller shades provide superior solar management, they are not without size limitations, at least until now. Consistent with our history of product development and innovation, Sun Glow introduces MAX – The World’s Largest Sun Screen.

To optimize the benefits of sun protection, suns screen should be made to fit the full breadth of the window. No longer limited by traditional roller shade dimensions, MAX™, through its unique floating suspension system that minimizes tube deflection, is capable of achieving unprecedented proportions up to 12m (40′) wide by 9m (30′) tall within a compact 4½” cassette. Achieving such volume in such a small cassette is unheard of in the industry and is another example of Sun Glow’s commitment to product development. It was through this innovative design that MAX™ was awarded the IIDEX 2010 Gold Medal for innovation, and it is easy to see why.

MAX™ was not given that name solely because of its size, but also because of the broad spectrum of benefits that it encompasses. As a sun screen, it provides unparallel solar management that protects interior contents including carpets, furniture, and artwork. Designed to be utilized both interiorly and exteriorly, MAX™ can be installed in energy saving exterior applications using guided cables or channels to provide optimal energy efficiency and can reduce HVAC loads by up to 60%. Also, an external hembar and cable guide were added as a counterweight to keep fabrics taut in areas with heavy wind load. This makes MAX™ the ideal product for not only receiving the cost effective and energy efficient benefits of cooling down a building, but also protecting the people and contents within it.

This incredible evolution of the sun screen can be seen at the Sun Glow facility where it’s currently in use as a 40 foot wide exterior sun screen. Let your drugstore sunscreen protect you when your outside, but let ours protect you when you’re inside.

Founded in 1983, Sun Glow has been serving the window covering industry as a manufacturer of shading solution of superior workmanship as well as a distributor of quality components and materials. Sun Glow focuses on delivering innovative, high quality and low environmental impact products to its customers. Although their specialty is rollers shades, they also offer panel track, roman shades, fixed shades, wood horizontals, exterior sun screens, projections screens and skylight applications. All products can be manually operated or automated with various control options that can be integrated with the most sophisticated automation systems.